"Making socially conscious movies highlighting the injustice of Human Trafficking, child marriage, child labor and spiritual abuse, then directly aiding the survivors upon whom the films shed light"


Join us at our next event or host one and help us spread awareness! At MoviesMakingADifference, we hold events to raise funds and awareness and drive our rescue operations in the field as we continue to save and nurture our survivors back to health and productivity. We try to make it fun, but we never lose sight of the underlying crisis and our important role in changing the status quo.

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Mardi Gras Gala

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Mission: MakingADifference with socially conscious feature films highlighting the injustice of human trafficking, child marriage, child labor, coercion and spiritual abuse, then directly aiding the survivors upon whom the films shed light. We provide transportation, housing, educational services, legal services, work training, medical treatment, addiction treatment, women’s services, counselling, and a supportive community.

As of July 1, 2024, we have aided over 200 of these survivors of Human Trafficking, Child Labor, Child Marriage and/or Child
Slavery in the US and Canada. They are welcome to remain in touch with us on a regular basis with them and we will continue to
accompany them on their journey. They call us their MMAD Family.

“Cathedral Canyon”
“Cult Cartel”