Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, and with an office in West Palm Beach, FL, MoviesMakingADifference creates feature films that not only entertain, but highlight unacceptable circumstances under which men, women, and especially children become helpless victims. We do not believe that this can only be achieved through traditional documentaries. By focusing on all cinematic genres, we can learn about ourselves and take action. As a nonprofit 501(c)3, we then directly aid the survivors upon whom our films shed light.

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They either change themselves to fit the world, or they try to change the world to fit them. Diana Davis falls into that courageous latter group.

When she learned about the appalling situation of corruption and organized pedophilia hiding under the guise of a twisted religion that was, and is, rampant in the USA, she made a movie about it. She had never made a film before and had no money…..but she regarded these facts as minor obstacles.

cathedral canyon by MoviesMakingADifference

Bringing it in way under budget and ahead of schedule, the film she produced, “Cathedral Canyon”, went on to win Awards at both the Palm Beach International Film Festival and the Jerome Film Festival where much of the film’s audience learned for the first time the extraordinary story of what was going on and pitched in to help. This is how one person can decide to make a difference and galvanize others to do the same.

She decided to make this her mission. Diana started MoviesMakingADifference, a 501c3. It would produce inspiring and commercial films that highlight social ills and injustice and plough the proceeds back into the non-profit to benefit the victims of these issues.

Special Recognition Award Worldwide Women's Film Festival 2018