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It is often said that people make their own change. They either change themselves to fit the world, or they try to change the world to fit them. Diana Davis falls into that courageous latter group.

When she learned about the appalling situation of corruption and organized pedophilia hiding under the guise of a twisted religion that was, and is, rampant in the USA, she made a movie about it. She had never made a film before and had no money.....but she regarded these facts as minor obstacles.

Bringing it in way under budget and ahead of schedule, the film she produced, “Cathedral Canyon”, went on to win Awards at both the Palm Beach International Film Festival and the Jerome Film Festival where much of the film's audience learned for the first time the extraordinary story of what was going on and pitched in to help. This is how one person can decide to make a difference and galvanize others to do the same.

She decided to make this her mission. Diana started MoviesMakingADifference, a 501c3. It would produce inspiring and commercial films that highlight social ills and injustice and plough the proceeds back into the non-profit to benefit the victims of these issues.



MoviesMakingADifference (a 501c3) is proud to announce the Premiere of their latest film, ‘CULT CARTEL’. It is a sequel to the popular, ‘Audience Choice’ award-winning 'CATHEDRAL CANYON'. Look for a Premiere in a City near you.


MMAD has long been the only nonprofit in AZ to exclusively work to support the efforts of those victimized by this cartel/church. What makes this project especially unique is this film will actually employ many of those who have managed to escape or been banished from the community with little education, no family support or understanding of the outside world. For years they have been struggling to rebuild or rather begin their lives.

Escapees were featured actors (this is not a documentary but a feature based on true events) and paid both behind and in front of the camera. They were not be sensationally exploited as they so often are so audiences can peer into their personal lives but this film will empower them to finally have a voice and enlighten those that have so long ignored their plight. Some were script consultants, others were involved in set design, craft services, hair and make-up, camera and other crew. The handsome Young Barlow will be seen portraying a young man experiencing much of the hardships that Young himself was forced to endure. He had the incredible opportunity of working alongside Hollywood actors Don Most (Happy Days) and Jud Tylor (That 70's Show). And many Hollywood actors from the original “Cathedral Canyon” such as Winsor Harmon (favorite on CBS' “The Bold & The Beautiful”).

Forbidden to speak to the public for many years and still unavailable because of distrust of the outside world, never before has a feature film crew been welcomed in as a friend of the community, where most of the scenes was shot on location in the Colorado City town, in and around homes claimed back from the Church by brave families willing to stand up to them.

The film explores the continued and even increased levels of a crime organization that masquerades as a Church whilst brutalizing its' followers on the Arizona/Utah border, in pockets around Denver, Salt Lake City, and many other parts of the country and even into Mexico and Canada. Child labor, pedophilia, prostitution, starvation, labor racketeering, human and drug trafficking and political corruption all figure prominently in this story that far too seldom makes headlines.

Help us help them continue MakingADifference. Contributions are most welcome.

what does mmad do?

And that is exactly what it does. MMAD raises money for the victims and survivors who are forced into child labor and marriage and are often starved out by their 'Church' or excommunicated with little education or knowledge of the outside world. Diana and her team conduct food drives, as well as collecting such provisions as personal hygiene items, blankets, sewing machines, and fabric to help the needy in that beleaguered town, as  politicians do nothing about it. She and her volunteers then venture into Colorado City,one of the most destitute, desolate and often dangerous of the towns that few ‘outsiders’ have had the permission to enter. She also flies to other states to meet those left stranded by their so-called ‘Church’.

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how the movies help

As a result of rallying those who viewed “Cathedral Canyon”at the fundraising events, she has been able to fulfill her mission and go even further. She has found shelter and furnishings for the homeless, as well as dental care, drug/alcohol treatment programs, job training, transportation, employment, and GEDs for others.


Sometimes just taking the time to listen, talk, guide, inspire, and be inspired herself by those crossing her path, has been what is needed for those to make a tremendous difference themselves. She contacted authorities in AZ and UT to assure safety and then joined with another nonprofit in Utah and made history by bringing Christmas to Colorado City for the first time, for 40 escaped mothers and 350 children.

By staying involved with the victims long after the cameras have stopped rolling, she has a devoted and talented team (some of whom are the actual victims themselves) that will be ready for work once they start rolling again.