Give a Girl a GED!

We all have to adapt to changes and MMAD is no different.  But we are making the best of the situation by raising funds for our girls while at the same time giving our friends healthy options to help themselves, as well!

And sometimes change can be great! Just look at these BEFORE and AFTER photos from our supporters!

With proceeds from each purchase, MoviesMakingADifference 501c3 can help survivors of Child Marriage, Child Labor and Trafficking get the education they were deprived of.

For questions or help with an order please contact our MMAD volunteer Lavinia Baker 561-762-4416. Thank you for always MakingADifference in all you do, Lavinia!

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Liquid Biocell Life our incredible flag-ship product. Liquid BioCell® Life is the super nutraceutical with award-winning Liquid BioCell®, an ingredient that is clinically shown to promote healthy aging, active joints and younger-looking skin.

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90 day difference!

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The Modere Inside-Out Beauty System takes a comprehensive, inside-out approach to vibrant, youthful-looking skin. A trio of exclusive CellProof topical formulas delivers potent, award-winning ingredients to visibly enhance your appearance, while the supernutraceutical Liquid BioCell nourishes your skin from the inside, promoting hydration, firmness and elasticity. The products work synergistically to revitalize your skin, renew your self-confidence and let your inner beauty shine!

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  • First ever EWG VERIFIED™ toothpaste in the world & part of the fully-verified Modere Oral Care line

  • All products bearing the EWG VERIFIED mark meet rigorous criteria, including compliance with strict ingredient standards, manufacturing transparency & robust labeling

  • Sugar free

  • Fluoride free

  • Water-soluble abrasives clean without damaging tooth enamel

  • Supports healthy teeth & gums

  • Our non-toxic formula means it is safe for the whole family

  • Natural peppermint oil freshens breath

Our toothpaste was the first to earn EWG’s trust, so it’s sure to earn yours. Brush clean to live clean.