OUR (All Volunteer) TEAM


Founder of MoviesMakingADifference/ CEO /Producer of CATHEDRAL CANYON and CARMELITA

When Diana learned a few years ago about the appalling situation of corruption and organized pedophilia hiding under the guise of a twisted religion, that was and is, rampant in her home state of Arizona, she produced our first film about it. She had never made a film before and had no money . . . but she regarded these facts as minor obstacles. “Cathedral Canyon" took home the coveted award of “Audience Choice for Best Feature Film” at the 2014 Palm Beach International Film Festival and “Best AZ Film” at the Jerome Film Festival while still a rough cut. 


Also serving as Casting Director, Line Producer, Location Manager, Costumes and Props, Diana scheduled the shoot bringing the production in under budget and on schedule to the day.


She then formed the non-profit to have greater flexibility to give back to the victims of her films, continue to make movies that make a difference, galvanize more people towards her mission. Her next film will be on human trafficking in the US.



Co-Founder/CFO/Recovery Specialist


Co-Founder of the non-profit, Chip has worked and supported the less fortunate for most of his life. Not only was he instrumental in the vision, creation and promotion of MoviesMakingADifference, he is establishing the scholarship fund for the “Lost Boys” through his numerous contacts in the field.


Chip completed a Christian Ministry Internship after years of fighting addiction himself and continued working in the nonprofit sector. Determined to give back, he now works heavily in the recovery community both as a volunteer and a Sober Coach and Tech at an established treatment center in Florida where he has obtained  his Certified Addiction Professional license to further help our cause. He organizes scholarships for young men and women in need and without resources, to regain and take charge of their lives through love, spirituality, education and community. He traveled to Colorado City in the summer of 2015 to be able to better understand the young men and women he works with.


            Program Director


Chris is the Cancer Service Director at Editha House providing housing, care and comfort to those in need. To have Chris by your side while going through such a journey would make all the difference in the world. There is actually no one better to have by your side in any of life's journeys. That is why we were so grateful when Chris told us that MMAD was her "Vitamin B12 shot".


Chris writes, "I had been hearing about MMAD for the last year or so, so when I was invited to attend one of their fundraising events, I went.


They opened my eyes to polygamy and human trafficking going on in my backyard. I had no idea.  Then I learned not only do they tell their stories, but then they stick around to help these people.


It was at that moment I had to ask myself "What Can I Do To Help?"

That's when I came onboard. I once told Diana Davis, Founder and Producer of MMAD - if MMAD were a race horse they'd be my sure bet!



        Director of Development 


Simone’s background includes  the Director of Signature Publications with Passport Publications & Media Corporation for over 15 years. Simone collaborated on over 17 custom publications including Art & Culture for the Palm Beach Cultural Council, , Palm Beach Polo Magazine , The Equestrian Festival Program, just to name a few. In addition Simone was the Director of Sales & Marketing  for Ocean Drive Magazine and Vive, a women’s life & luxury publication.  


She is on the Board of Directors for the Marjorie Fisher Boys & Girls Club and served as a volunteer committee member for the March of Dimes, Children’s Place at Home Safe and the International Red Cross, DAR, Henry Flagler Morrison Chapter. Simone also coordinated sponsorship agreements for The Norton Museum of Art, Comprehensive Aids Program and the Historical Society of Palm Beach County.  


Her photographs were published in “Shot on Site” for Ocean Drive Magazine and Vive Magazine. In 2011 Simone performed with the Palm Beach Performers Group in Dream Christmas and Beach Party Reunion.




Co-Founder/Public Awareness Advocate


Laura was Diana's "Right Hand Woman" and "Go To Gal" for the production of "Cathedral Canyon".


One of the founding members of MoviesMakingADifference, Laura has joined forces with heroic, escaped child brides from this organized crime group of pedophiles and polygamists in northern AZ who hide under the guise of “religious freedom” and whose captive residents have anything but freedom. This is whom we expose in our first feature, “Cathedral Canyon”.


We are coordinating food/basic needs drives for our northern neighbors as the church elders withhold state services from those "not held in God's right hand", as punishment. Laura has taken over this endeavor to rally the troops in Phoenix. Please see the Join Us page to help Laura help those in need.


Laura also steps in wherever needed, currently planning and organizing an amazing upcoming  fundraiser. She's a perfect example of doing,everything she can to MakeADifference!


            PRESTON HILL

Community Outreach Specialist/ Executive Producer of CATHEDRAL CANYON

Preston is the man you want on your team. Upon understanding the importance of getting the story of "Cathedral Canyon" told and trying to raise the seed money, he took money from his retirement fund and became our Executive Producer.  Now that's a philanthropist of the highest order. But Preston is not your typical EP. He cooked BBQ for the entire cast and crew, rolled up his sleeves to contruct and clean up sets and promote not only the movie but everyone involved. Whether it be our screenings, charity work or simply representing the movie, no job is too large or small for Preston. 


He has been instrumental in fundraising  and promoting ever since and has put MoviesMakingADifference on the map (particularly when he was sauntering down Worth Ave, in Palm Beach in his cowboy attire!). No one had ever seen the likes of Preston. Actually, there are very few like him anywhere. He's one of a kind..



Community Relations Director/Events Coordinator


MoviesMakingADiffernce would not be what it is today without this extraordinary woman. Originally a Jersey Girl, Deidra is a veteran of the United States Air Force.  Settled now in Arizona, Deidra has found her passion with MoviesMakingADifference.  After watching Cathedral Canyon for the first time and meeting escaped brides personally, Deidra has jumped on board and has never looked back, conceiving of and chairing the first "Carmelita" fundraiser in AZ with a "Cathedral Canyon" screening in Scottsdale.  She took it upon herself to kick off our much needed Newsletter, taking us to the next level with nonprofit software, organizing data bases, developing creative strategies, spreading the word and MakingADifference wherever she goes, not resting until she’s changed the world. I think perhaps it’s time for a snooze Deidra. You have sure changed ours!

Deidra's first real experience with fundraising was when her friend had pancreatic cancer and she put together a bowling fundraiser with basket auction. She raised just over $3000. Since then she has run auctions for clubs for the deaf and created a website and ran activities for a local not for profit in New Jersey. http://www.plpclubhouse.com. It is a 80+ year-old log cabin. Deidra ran community holiday parties including pictures with Santa and a Halloween Bone Hunt, and of course an Easter Egg hunt.

       Public Safety Officer
Dan is a 34 year veteran firefighter of the Phoenix Fire Department. Where others in his position are easing out of such a remarkable and impressive career of service to our city and it's citizens and deservedly looking forward to retirement, Dan has added a new dimension of service to his career.  When Dan heard about the atrocities going on in his own state, with no charities in place to aid the survivors, he could not turn his back.
In less than six months, Dan has traveled to Denver twice. First to meet the remarkable young survivors of Warren Jeffs' regime (who have subsequently joined MMAD) and to find out their needs and goals, and then again as their friend to lend support. He has also traveled the 7 hrs up and back to Colorado City in the snow when we brought Christmas to families for their first time. Dan came initially to ensure the safety of our volunteers, but then dove right in to help set up the celebration, get to know the women who have survived the horrific oppresion of the FLDS and then was the only man invited to attend the Christmas Dinner. MMAD is extremely grateful to have such a remarkable person join forces with us.