To date we have helped over 60 young adults who have escaped a life of abuse and neglect.

Each month we average about three separate calls from teenagers needing to change their lives. As is often the case, the need to rescue these courageous young men and women is not conveniently timed with a bed at a treatment facility, nor do these abandoned young people have insurance or resources besides us. 


So our remarkable co-founder Chip Williams, a Certified Addiction Professional and Certified Recovery Support Specialist opened his up his own house. He stabilizes them and counsels them preparing them for their first treatment center that he feels best suits their needs. This has become our a "Safe House" in Florida. 


Although we have a way to rescue them on a moments notice and we have treatment and therapy. But what happens to them after that? So many have ended up returning to where they came from feeling alone and disconnected in their new life.


But there is a tremendous need in our, no every community for a resource center for young adults getting on their feet equipped with computers, mentors, counseling and guidance. There is also a huge need for non-alcoholic entertainment that is not part of a religious organization, although welcoming to all.


When young people are just getting on their feet they often don't have the means to get a computer with all the necessary programs to help them achieve their goals, whether it be GED courses, college homework, applying for jobs or services.

Whether one is in recovery or just doesn't enjoy the bar atmosphere, it is extremely hard to find a place that has a really cool vibe, comfortable setting and choices of both sophisticated or silly fun. And great coffee drinks, snacks and desserts. The coffeehouse will be staffed by our young survivors giving them job experience and financial freedom as none of them feel comfortable having us continue to support them after our initial hand up.

It is terrible for anyone to feel isolated, especially when their goals are to move forward and experience sober activities. Here at the MMAD House of Dreams, like-minded people can share ideas, network and enjoy life.

Join our campaign Deuces with Deuce and get your own window to watch the transformation of our "kids"! 

With 1000 "friends" donating just $2 each month, we will assure 50 more brave escapees will always be safe. Always have support. Always be moving forward towards their dreams.  Make it $22 and join our Advocates in the House!      


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MMAD House of Dreams

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