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Diana Davis

Our Movies

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Produced by
Diana Davis

Written & Directed
by Paul Davis

Cathedral Canyon


Executive Producer
Preston Hill

Contribute $10 (or whatever suits you) and receive a link to stream "Cathedral Canyon".

Watch "Cathedral Canyon", our movie that launched our nonprofit and understand why we do what we do.

With each donation we will immediately email you a downloadable link to watch the film at your convenience on your phone, computer or smart tv.Please include your email address!

Donating towards the film will buy one of our courageous survivors basic needs once we rescue them off the streets and into our Safe House.

After making the movie we couldn't leave these amazing people to fend for themselves. Our country had turned it's back on them too many times. This Movie is MakingADifference! ~ 100% of proceeds go to aid these remarkable "kids"!

Set in 2005, 'Cathedral Canyon' is the story of a Phoenix area criminal/businessman, Ryan McBride, (Winsor Harmon) who has spent the last few years tiring of his main occupation as the go-between and facilitator for criminals and the City establishment. He desires to do something more with his life and like so many others at the time, sees the booming real estate market as his ticket out. To that end, even though people around him are threatened by his desire to move on, he leverages all he has and becomes a principal in the sort of crooked real estate deal that he normally merely brokers for the big-shots.


The construction is to be done by a polygamist offshoot Church whose members generate money for the Church by doing such construction jobs and giving all their earnings to the Church. Since the Church has no real labor overhead they are able to easily underbid all others and allow the City to skim the excess allocated funds to its' heart's content.

The City is happy to do business with them, as they believe that the polygamists, with their proclivity for forced underage brides, have as much to lose by public exposure as they do. It is an arrangement that has worked very well for both sides for years.

When McBride happens by accident upon a young girl from the cult, Ruthie, (Noelle Wheeler), a chain of events is set in motion that will change things for all of them forever.

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Producer Diana Davis andStar Winsor Harmon on  CBS explaining the importance of this film


Cult Cartel

Don Most
    Happy Days

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Jud Tylor
That 70's Show

Britt George

Introducing Raejon Jones
Congratulations for subsequently landing the role of Kai on

Winsor Harmon
The Bold & The Beautiful

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Executive Producer


Young Barlow

 Survivor of Child Labor

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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Chandler International Film Festival - 2022.png

The film explores the continued and even increased levels of a crime organization that masquerades as a Church whilst brutalizing its' followers on the Arizona/Utah border, in pockets around the country and even into Mexico and Canada. Child labor, pedophilia, prostitution, starvation, labor racketeering, human and drug trafficking and political corruption all figure prominently in this story that far too seldom makes headlines.

tank jones
Big Sky

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Trailer for Cult Cartel

Brenda and Don talk about their
MMAD experience.

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Brenda O'Brien.             Craig Matthew                  Lee Dawson                 Maria Magdalena           Bill Connor                 Julia Rosengren               Jose Rosete

MoviesMakingADifference (a 501c3) is proud to announce the completion of their latest film, 'CULT CARTEL'. It is a companion to the award-winning 'CATHEDRAL CANYON'.


What makes this project especially unique is this film actually employed many of those who have managed to escape or been banished from the community with little education, no family support or understanding of the outside world. For years they have been struggling to rebuild or rather begin their lives.


Escapees are featured actors (this is not a documentary but a feature based on true events) and paid both behind and in front of the camera. They will not be sensationally exploited as they so often are so audiences can peer into their personal lives but this film will empower them to finally have a voice and enlighten those that have so long ignored their plight.


Some were production assistants. Others were involved with craft services, hair and make-up, camera and other crew. Young Barlow and Mosiah Barlow (raised FLDS) along with a group of the little boys are featured on the poster, having important roles in the movie.

They were also determined to tell their stories as script consultants, facing their painful pasts and to plead with the public to join us in MakingADifference to make sure that this stops once and for all and never happens again.



Jack Koch w/ wife and

board member Barbara Heilman

'Cult Cartel' was inspired by the very last words of the late Jack Koch pleading with Diana the importance of doing a movie through the voices of those whose story needs to be told. And then to have them act alongside Hollywood actors. Jack you were SO right. What a story it is and an experience for all involved!!!

The film is dedicated to Jack.

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In Pre-Production

After reading the script written by Paul Davis, Roger Birnbaum, former co-CEO and co-Chairman of MGM and owner of Spyglass Entertainment and Caravan Pictures wrote ~ “Professionally written and certainly on par with the scripts submitted to me by Hollywood agencies. But I don't know how to make nonprofit movies like you do, ." Roger continues, "with your tenacity Diana, I am sure you will get this made.”

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