To continue to make films that make a difference and to empower the victims of these films, we need your help.


Before being put on a backburner during the economic downturn, CATHEDRAL CANYON was originally being produced in Hollywood budgeted at $4M.


After realizing that it would never get told unless I told it, I learned everything I could about filmmaking. Finding 75% of the padded jobs could be scrapped, forgoing the limos, trailers and the rest of the frills and doing much of the leg work myself, I could get it down to a more reasonable $1.5M.


In the end, $80K was raised which went mostly to food, water, sound equipment and postproduction costs. Evidently having a passion that's contagious, I was astounished at how many people came forward and gave their time, their homes, their talent, their businesses, their home cooked meals and themselves for the making of CATHEDRAL CANYON.


Some things do take money such as gas, technology, equipment, insurance and bills just to name a few. And though these are low budget independent films and everyone donates time and energy, it is only right that our generous artists make a meager living while doing something so worthwhile.


The reason we are making these films is that we need to bring awareness to these issues, which means we need to reach as many people as possible.


Star power is a necessity for distribution. It is important that they lend their name to a first rate production . . . which costs money.


Marketing and promotion is essential to bring a wide theatrical release reaching audiences across the country.  We can then, in fact, make an enormous difference.


We have established ourselves and shown not only can we deliver, but deliver an award winning product. I hope this time we can obtain the funds to add art direction, set design and more than a 30 day shooting schedule with days off for rehearsal and anything unexpected coming out of left field such a rain. We often forget it can rain, even in Arizona.


“Carmelita” will be owned by the nonprofit. We will find the very best way to distribute the film so proceeds that are made will go directly to those victims upon whom the film sheds light. The money will be used for services that will best benefit each individual to empower them with the ability to rise to their highest potential.


We are very proud of our nonprofit organization which will allow contributors to write off their donations as a tax deduction.


But whether it's financing, time, expertise or just passion, we'd love you to join us in making a difference. Look forward to working with you.


My Very Best ~ Diana