Carmelita by MoviesMakingADifference

After reading the script written by Paul Davis, Roger Birnbaum, former co-CEO and co-Chairman of MGM, and owner of Spyglass Entertainment and Caravan Pictures,  wrote:

“Professionally written and certainly on par with the scripts submitted to me by Hollywood agencies. MGM is making more ‘down the middle of the road’ films and this is more art house.” Roger continues, “with your tenacity Diana, I am sure you will get this made.”

Roger Birnbaum

former co-CEO and co-Chairman of MGM, owner of Spyglass Entertainment and Caravan Pictures



Our film, “Carmelita”, although still produced as an independent film, will be on a much larger scale. We have drawn much attention to what a talented and committed production cast and crew can achieve, that we are ready to step it up a notch with a much larger budget, production, timeline, cast and crew. We believe that this movie will touch people on a deep emotional level and we hope it will also motivate them to help fight for the victims of these heinous crimes.


MoviesMakingADifference will create a single feature length motion picture entitled ‘Carmelita’. We are seeking capital to fund the production and early marketing of the Film, either by donation or investment. The Project is scheduled to begin preproduction during the Spring of 2017.


The story, “Carmelita”, a murder mystery conceived and written by Paul Davis, exposes human trafficking that occurs not only half way around the world, but across our southern border. In the region just a few miles north and south of the US-Mexican border this atrocity of human trafficking runs hand in hand with exploitative labor practices, drug trafficking, unprincipled law enforcement, epidemic corruption and seemingly relentless violence, particularly against women.

There are many female heroes whose stories do not show up on the evening news and precious few accolades are ever passed their way. “Carmelita” also features triumph, redemption, family, love and courage and we believe it is commercial enough that it will enjoy a wide audience and indeed “Make A Difference”.


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