Dinner, Drinks and Dancing to support MoviesMakingADifference a 501c3.  Live music and silent auction.  Proceeds to benefit the victims of trafficking, child labor, physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual abuse.  Help raise awareness of this atrocity in our own country and meet and be inspired by some of the heroic survivors.

Such Gratitude for Committee Members

Committee Chairs

Barbara Heilman, Diana Davis,Joe Budd Maniscalco, Rosana Levin & Simone Desiderio



Debbie Dailey, Marlene King,


Committee Members

Dr.Anita Mandal ~ Arvo Katajisto ~ Chip Williams ~ Chuck Desiderio ~ Cristiana Shields ~ Daniele Schachter

Daniela Douglas ~ Deidra Greyson ~ George Magalios ~ Janet Sheehan ~ Jennifer McHenry ~ Julie Russell ~ Karie Dimas ~ Kim Nisbet

 Kurt Andon ~ Lane Lenhart ~ Lauri Welteroth ~ Laura DeLisa ~ Laurence Mitchell ~ Lori Beale ~ Pascale Bourbeau

Patti Wilmoth ~ Preston Hill ~ Robyn Klebanow ~ Rocco Ancarola ~ Tiffany Cloutier