Because of  the production "Cathedral Canyon" and your generosity, we have dental care to make these beautiful women happy to smile, furnished homes  for kids so they're no longer camping on someone's floor, GED's to facilitate getting jobs, and  we've managed to bring up truckloads of food and hygiene products to the captive families up north.  Thank you! Please consider giving what you are comfortable with so we can continue. We need to get abandoned boys off the streets, the therapy they desperately need, life skills and relationship training and LOVE, so they can break the cycle of abuse. Even as an all volunteer organization, we need funding to continue. PLEASE HELP so we can too!


                                              #SENDTHEMLOVE Challenge!


We are inviting you to Send Them Love. It may be your neighbor who is struggling, a friend you haven't spoken to in years or maybe a family member that just needs to be reminded that you care. As Deuce so eloquently relayed, a small gesture has been known to make a large impact.


Record your video saying, "I accept the MoviesMakingADifference 'Send Them Love Challenge'.


I would like to tell ________________I am thinking of you and love you.

I now nominate the following three people to "Send Them Love".


Then please direct them here, to, click "Donate With Deuce" and donate $2 or what every you feel moved to contribute. Let's all MakeADifference.


If you are just too camera shy, PLEASE copy and paste this to your FB wall, write who you are sending love to and then nominate (tag) 3 of your friends to #SENDTHEMLOVE! at!help-us-help-them/c22h3


Your donations go directly to expose the atrocities of Human Trafficking/Slavery through Film Production and aiding the victims of such heinous crimes.



Please also go to our Music page to watch Deuce's beautiful video of his touching song "Truth Is . . . " and the audio of another great original, both featured in our movie "Cathedral Canyon".     We can't wait to see him in "Carmelita"!