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Imagine being just fourteen years old, never seeing the outside world, and being forced to marry a man thirty years your senior.

Imagine being sexually abused over and over at such a delicate age, not really even knowing what was happening to you or even what being loved meant.

Imagine that happening to your daughter or son, for that matter.  

Imagine being a mother of 6 children, all the product of rape, and anticipating the same horrible act on a child you loved?

Imagine being forced into child labor at age 9 with no pay or a father working like that for decades, not having enough food to feed yourself or your children.

Imagine never going to school, never celebrating a birthday, and not knowing how old you really are because birthdays were forbidden in your community. 

This is not the story of one child or just Colorado City, but 1000s in our country, Canada and Mexico. Many brave girls and boys, women and men have escaped the confinement of such communities and, with the help of MoviesMakingADifference, now have a job, an apartment, clothes, and food for their children. Many have scholarships for drug and alcohol treatment. 


Have you ever wished you could do something to help young, innocent victims and create awareness while making a considerable Difference?​


Well, now you can. 

We have aided over 150 survivors to adjust to our world and given them the love that childhood should have been filled with. For just $22/month in 2022, you can help these kids with food, shelter, jobs, rehab, clothing, and education. Just the essential things in life we all take for granted. 


It’s so rewarding to see these once hopeless individuals, now feeling inspired and purposeful…that they belong, that they are important, that they have a voice, that they can be happy, that life is worth living.




We welcome you aboard with us and thank you for sharing your love and MakingADifference in someone's life.

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