Donation Opportunities & Benefits towards post~production of our

upcoming film, "Cult Cartel".

This film will expose the atrocities of human trafficking in our own backyard and give back to the victims, upon whose plight the film sheds light.



$1,000 ~ for a SPECIAL THANKS in the credits.

$5,000 ~ for SPONSOR link to your business on this site and in movie credits.

$10,000 ~ ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit & access to all events.

$25,000 ~ ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit & LOGO on STEP & REPEAT to be used in photo ops all events for years to come.

Please make checks payable to:

MoviesMakingADifference and send to

Diana Davis ~ 1500 N. Markdale, #15

Mesa, AZ  85201

Thanks for all you do to make this possible.