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Charlie Wilson's War

Coming Sept of '20
"Cult Cartel"

MoviesMakingADifference (a 501c3) is proud to announce the post-production phase of their latest film, 'CULT CARTEL'. It is a companion to the award-winning 'CATHEDRAL CANYON'.


What makes this project especially unique is this film actually employed many of those who have managed to escape or been banished from the community with little education, no family support or understanding of the outside world. For years they have been struggling to rebuild or rather begin their lives.


Escapees are featured actors (this is not a documentary but a feature based on true events) and paid both behind and in front of the camera. They will not be sensationally exploited as they so often are so audiences can peer into their personal lives but this film will empower them to finally have a voice and enlighten those that have so long ignored their plight.


Some were production assistants. Others were involved with craft services, hair and make-up, camera and other crew. Young Barlow and Mosiah Barlow (raised FLDS) along with a group of the little boys are featured on the poster, having important roles in the movie.

They were also determined to tell their stories as script consultants, facing their painful pasts and to plead with the public to join us in MakingADifference to make sure that this stops once and for all and never happens again.


Brenda and Don talk about their

MMAD experience.

Britt George



Young Barlow

Former FLDS survivor

Noelle Wheeler

Cathedral Canyon

Jose rosete

The Walking Dead: Red Machete

Don Most

    Happy Days

MMAD is excited to help these brave souls tell their shocking story. Forbidden to the public for many years and still unavailable because of distrust of the outside world, never before has a film crew been welcomed in as a friend of the community, where much of the scenes were shot on location in the Colorado City town, in and around homes claimed back from the Church by courageous families willing to stand up to them.


The film explores the continued and even increased levels of a crime organization that masquerades as a Church whilst brutalizing its' followers on the Arizona/Utah border, in pockets around the country and even into Mexico and Canada. Child labor, pedophilia, prostitution, starvation, labor racketeering, human and drug trafficking and political corruption all figure prominently in this story that far too seldom makes headlines.


Many Hollywood actors from the original “Cathedral Canyon” such as Winsor Harmon (favorite on CBS' “The Bold & The Beautiful”) returned to their recurring roles. And we are honored to welcome Jud Tylor (Charlie Wilson's War, That 70s Show) and Don Most (Happy Days) as stars of this important project.


Help us help them MakeADifference.

Tax deductible contributions are most welcome. You can contribute at MoviesMakingADifference.org

Winsor Harmon

The Bold & The Beautiful

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