"Joe" was left in a Walmart in Las Vegas by his mother when he was 13. Not knowing of services available to abandoned children, he lived for years on the streets becoming an alcoholic. After attempting to take his life for the second time, we were made aware of him from another young girl who we are subsequently helping as well. We got him on a plane and flew him to FL’s Faith Farm where he graduated their 9 month treatment/life skills  program with honors. We then found a halfway house for him and he does work as a handyman for our supporters. He is 14 months sober!!!

"George" was abandoned at age 14 after questioning too many times why he wasn’t paid for the labor he’d been forced into since he was 9.  He lived under a bridge for the next 3 years becoming a heroin addict. He went to jail for a year for drug possession and afterward found his way to Denver doing construction work. That is where we found him living in a trailer with no running water, in exchange for tending someone’s ranch. We supplied him with winter clothes and fixed an old car that someone donated for him. We helped him start a “Concierge Service” where he now supports himself fixing household items that nobody else is able to repair.

"Ned" was also forced into child labor at the age of 9. He left and he too became a heroin addict. His mother heard about us and called for help. He went through the gruesome detoxing from the drug, all alone at his mom’s. She got him on a plane to FL to us. He went through Faith Farm and is now working construction in FL. Clean for 10 months.

"Rose" bravely escaped with her 6 children, having been trafficked from the age of 14. We now have a townhouse for the family in Scottsdale, all the kids in school and camp in the summer. A benevolent supporter trained "Rose" as a waitress, so she is now working during the kids’ school hours. 

"Katy" was forced into marriage by her  parents at age 15. That ended her education and she became a slave to her much older husband. When another young girl was moved into the house by her husband, Katy escaped. Thinking that Las Vegas was a glamorous place to make her future, she was only met with more horrors and abuse. Katy now helps others escape and connects them with us, although she still needs so much help herself.

"Annie" called MoviesMakingADifference asking for help. She ran away from her family at age 15 who was marrying her off to a much older man. She has now been on her own for 3 years making ends meet by cleaning houses and staying wherever she can find. We are working on moving her down to Phoenix now that she just turned 18.

"Mike" was abandoned by his mother when he was 4 and then by his father when he was 10. He went to work in construction and ended up in Denver barely surviving. We found him with no bed in a small apartment with many other young men. We provided him with basic necessities, arranged for his GED and he is now driving for Uber. He bought an old camer at a second hand store and we have found he is a remarkable photographer. He also mentors other boys.

"Oliver" is "Mike's" little brother. When Mike found that Oliver was in TX working as a laborer since the age of 7, he drove down and rescued him. Fortunately, Oliver was taken in by a good samaritan. We pay for bus passes to get to his tutor. He only has a first grade education. So until he is enrolled in school, he can’t get free fare. And supply him with winter gear and school books.

Brian left home at age 16 to go work for a construction company in South Dakota. They gave him methamphetamines so he could work longer hours. He ran away, only to become a heroin addict. He heard about us and called for help. He had to wait until he was 19 so stayed with MMAD to be safe. We fell in love with him. He’s all checked in now and loving Faith Farm.

Happy Holidays from us all at MMAD

Won’t  you help these courageous young men and women who have overcome so much adversity? They have joined MoviesMakingADifference and they all have goals of getting to a place where they can help others like themselves.

Please  make their dreams come true!