An Overview of Many of Our Accomplishments.  

As of  January 1, 2021, we have aided over 150 survivors of Human Trafficking, Child Labor, Child Marriage and/or Child Slavery in the US and Canada. We are still in touch on a regular basis with all of them. They are our MMAD Family.


Rescues. Young women now hear of us through word of mouth and contact us on Facebook Messenger. Once we gain their trust, we find out as much as we can regarding what they are experiencing and assess their level of present danger.

If they need immediate assistance, we get law enforcement involved, arrange transportation to the nearest airport and fly them to our Safe House in FL. If they are not ready to make the break as the majority are not, we keep in touch with them daily until they not only gain courage and confidence to make a strategic plan of how to exit most safely and quietly.

Diana will then drive or fly to wherever they are, and escort them to our Florida Safe House or to a volunteer's residence in Scottsdale, if it is short term.

Safe House. Upon rescue or an emergency phone call, we immediately get our young person out of harms way and transport them to our Safe House is Florida. We give them food, clothing and all basic necessities. We assess their immediate needs and begin to put together a plan of action for support. Most of all we give them love and understanding. Although we usually recommend leaving the area where the trauma has been occurring, we have provided housing for six young people from Palm Beach County.


Working with the prosecution. We have saved 7 young people from prison time through our MMAD program of guidance and support. We are now well known as the go-to team in the UT court system.

Rescued a 19 yr old girl from Sex Traffickers. She called from the streets of Phoenix’s most dangerous areas one night. We convinced the prosecution to drop all 11 felony charges which had her facing 13 years in prison. We got them to understand that she was a helpless victim. We obtained a scholarship for her for six months of intensive residential treatment, four months of  IOP and then one month of intensive PTSD and Trauma therapy at UCF in Orlando. She is now happy, healthy, safe and well studying for her GED in her own apartment with a full time job.

Safe Havens. We have Safe Havens in quite a few states for young women and men who miraculously don’t have addiction issues but need intensive, Trauma therapy and coping lifeskills. But as the need become greater, we are in desperate need of more.


Addiction Treatment ~ Faith Farm and Fern House  With our first scholarship recipient paving the way, MMAD to date has helped eight young men start on their path to a new life.  Our first graduate completed the Faith Farm program in June 2016 and is now flourishing in a sober living house in which MMAD sponsored his first two weeks.  His is now working odd jobs in construction and handy man work and proudly supporting himself.

PAX Campus IOP. Have scholarships now available for our young adults. 3 have completed their 4 month programs with accolades.

Young Woman Enters Faith Farm.  First young woman to be flown to Florida, furnished with all her basic needs and admitted to Faith Farm for treatment and counseling.   

Young Woman Enters Phoenix Dream Center.  After much research and leg work, we finally found Phoenix Dream Center.  This center will admit our underaged girls in need of addiction treatment, counseling and safety.

Our Safe House.  We established our Safe House in Palm Beach County, Florida so no young man or woman would not have a safe place to receive shelter, sustenance, basic needs met and love.

Gift of Sight.  We gave our legally blind young man sight with a special corrective contact lens enabling him to see properly for the first time in decades.

GEDs.  We enrolled 26 of our survivors in classes to prepare them for the GED exams, with 24 of the 26 passing the test.

Resumes.  We help our young people create professional resumes and have found employment for five of them after treatment.

Business Owners.   We helped develop a business plan and saw two of our young men launch their own business.

Work Training.  Waitress training was arranged for Ruby so that she could leave her dangerous job working overnights in a gas station.  We than assisted in job placement at The 5 & Diner which she is thriving in giving her just the self confidence that she needs. UPDATE: Ruby is now Manager at The 5 & Diner! 


Summer Camp.  MMAD arranged and sponsored summer camp including transportation for Ruby Jessop’s six children, so that she could continue to work through the summer.

Aid to Colorado City.  We continue our food drives and basic needs drives for Colorado City.

Baseball League.  We secured a gifted young man deprived of sports growing up in Colorado City, a place on a baseball league.   It turns out he is an exceptional baseball player.

Volunteers.  We coordinated volunteers in Florida to visit with the boys in Faith Farm during their passes.  They attended art galleries, movies, aquarium trips, lunches, dinners, the beach and various other outings they have never experienced.


Treatment Center Transfers.  Coordinated transfers from Faith Farm to half-way houses and helped with job searches.

Daily Phone Calls.  Continually taking phone calls from kids or their mothers in need of advice, guidance and/or support.

Plans of Action/Goal Setting.  Our Certified Recovery Support Specialist works one-on-one with our survivors to set a plan of action and checks in with them weekly to congratulate them or adjust goals and continue to move them forward.

Wardrobes.  We obtained clothing in styles they could be proud to wear continuing to lift their self-esteem.

Christmas.  Brought Christmas to Colorado City for the first time as it has been outlawed there for many decades. We gave Christmas trees to 40 mothers and provided gifts for hundreds of children.

Each year we purchase and mail individual Christmas presents to over 60 of our MMAD youths, living around the States and Canada.  Many are given a present for the first time in their lives.

United Families.  After many families were torn apart under the rule of Warren Jeffs, we helped contact loved ones and reunite them.

Fourth of July.  We participated in an unprecedented holiday celebration in Colorado City and brought “Lost Boys” back for the first time in many years to reunite with loved ones and experience the changes going on in their old community where they had once been thrown out of and banished from.  

Filmed second movie, this time told through the voices of the actual survivors and starring side by side with Hollywood actors.

Handyman and House Helpers. With the support of the Palm Beach Community, we began a Handyman service and Maid/Organizing service for our young men and women who have relocated to Florida.

Transportation. We now have a donated SUV for this service and any errands/appointments/classes they need to attend.

Safe House/Resource Center. Just signed lease on bigger and more beautiful home to rescue young people as we assess what facility is best to place them. And then a home to come back to as they transition. Counseling, Computers, Mentoring, Tutoring, Education, Life Skills, Yoga instruction, Piano lessons, Library, Game and Movie Nights, BBQs . . . a place to nurture Dreams.

For more info or to get involved, please contact:

Diana Davis