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Because of you . . .  


Our movies have not only raised awareness but have directly enabled us to change the lives of so many. As of April 1, 2022, we have aided over 150 survivors of Human Trafficking, Child Labor, Child Marriage, and/or Child Slavery in the US and Canada. We are still in touch regularly with most of them. They, all our volunteers, and you are our MMAD Family. 


After making our first film, “Cathedral Canyon,” which won “Audience Choice for Best Feature Film”, we couldn’t turn our back on this incredible group of young survivors. So we became a 501(c)(3) and began aiding them with 100% of the film's proceeds, along with fundraisers and donations. 


We then filmed a second movie, “Cult Cartel,” because of the request and inspiration of the late Jack Koch. His last words before he passed away were, “You have made us fall in love with these incredible young people. How about this time, making a movie told through the voices of the actual survivors and having them start side by side with Hollywood actors? And film inside Colorado City bringing much-needed income to the devastated community!” And that is precisely what we did. ‘Cult Cartel’ has recently received an “Honorable Mention” award and a "Finalist" placement at the Los Angeles Film and Script Festival.

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