A week with Diana Davis



Get our young man out of the trailer with no running water and into a studio w/ kitchenette. Checking Craigslist, writing reference letters and discussing pros and cons with him of each.


Planning Ruby's 30 Birthday Party: Guest list, invitations, present, shopping for her outfit with her, organizing food, drink and entertainment.


Arranging summer school and summer camp for her 6 kids ages 5-13. And transportation.


Invitations for John Musser's (Warren Jeffs' nephew) graduation from Faith Farm after 9 months. Coordinating visitations with volunteers for his weekly passes until then. Transitioning him into the halfway house after graduation.


Invitations for John's graduation party with all of our volunteers and supporters in Florida.


Coordinating a transfer from Faith Farm to the halfway house for the next young man from Colorado City.


Job searches for both guys.


Taking phone calls from incredible kids or their mom's who are either still trapped in polygamous households who want better for their kids, kids wanting free of their drug/alcohol addictions (which are rampant in this secluced world) or just wanting to talk about what their hopes should be for the future. Then starting to plan with them. Or just listen.


Planning meetings in LA with producers who one of our volunteers contacted and drummed up serious interest for our fim production of "Carmelita" to raise awareness on human trafficking. Thank you Tina!


Make Look-Book for "Carmelita" to show donors.


Organize Scottsdale fundraiser at Hash Kitchen on Saturday, Aug 27: Invitations, ticket sales, entertainment, menu, promotion and presentation. Hope to get a new Step and Repeat for the Red Carpet photos. Make poster for restaurant window.


Update website. Collect info and write bios for our wonderful new team members.


Contact all the leads that supporters have given me and try to figure out the angle to use to explain why I'm reaching out to them.


Write thank-you notes and follow ups to the 4 Foundations that so graciously donate to our cause.


Arranging a photographer  to do a complimentary photo shoot that I will accompany a beautiful ex-FLDS girl at, who was kicked out at age 13.  As we help her get her GED, it would be wonderful for her to model instead of cleaning houses.


Follow up with some press leads to see if anyone in AZ has interest in the fact that we are the only nonprofit in AZ designed to help these AZ kids and families.


Create a form on the website where visitors can sign up to volunteer.


Plan Fourth of July "Goodwill" trip to meet with our ex-FLDS friends to not only explain the importance of our next film, "Cult Cartel" which will give a voice to those suppressed for so long, but will give work and teach new skills to these talented young people. We will also be holding auditions, scouting locations and filming with Mosiah behind the lens. 


Getting the story flushed out by gathering the stories of all those form Colorado City that have now joined forces with us.


Learn to use our data base to reach as many possible new supporters and to keep our friends updated. Add all the business cards I've accummulated to the database.


Submit to ASU asking for student volunteers to help us research Grants that we may qualify for.


Put together an outline and bullet points in a worksheet to give to any volunteer grant writers.


Watch webinars to learn more about creating professional proposals and fundraising.


Plan for Sunday's weekly meeting with our incredible team.


Find an intern to be my assistant!